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The eCommerce and Payment Processing landscape is in the midst of multiple disruptions — technological, economic and social. This promises to impact payment systems in the coming years.

Emerging Payment Opportunities

Social & Live eCommerce

“Social eCommerce” is selling goods/services directly within social media platforms like TikTok. It meets consumers where they are, allowing them to make a purchase immediately and seamlessly on social media rather than redirecting them to a business' website. Result: more convenient on-demand action.

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Digital Currency

Use of digital currencies (including central bank digital currencies) and stablecoins / cryptocurrencies continue to grow. Consumers are demanding freedom from central bank or government controls including cross-border payments and remittances, loyalty and rewards and digital-wallet integration.

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Biometrics & Metaverse

Consumers are already familiar with using biometrics (e.g. finger, face or iris to access smartphones). Now, they're ready to use them for payments over the Internet to making shopping more convenient and secure. 86% are interested in extending the use of biometrics as long as their privacy is respected.

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Online Payment Processing Mobile Payments

Emerging technologies changing eCommerce landscape and offer new business opportunities

Many of these emerging opportunities are tied to the increasingly digital world we live in — a trend that is accelerating with Artificial Intelligence and ever expanding digital economy. As our personal and professional lives continue to move online, so does more and more of our economic activity. But more than that, the essential nature of online commerce is evolving, largely to accommodate shifting consumer preferences and disruptive technologies. For a new generation of shoppers, this is an exciting opportunity but also a challenge to adapt to for business decision makers.

"At we see .new technologies that offer faster, more convenient, more seamless or more personalized commerce experiences. As always, consumer preferences lead the way, and businesses that want to navigate a potentially challenging online commerce landscape need to adopt and adapt to lead mindful of these emerging trends in their favor to stand and make strong gains."

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  • John P. Neiman Jr., CEO of

Live eCommerce: Streaming meets shopping

Live eCommerce allows customers to buy products that they see on screen during livestreaming events. The purchase is convenient and quick and is often completed in one click using “buy” links or QR codes shown on screen. It's growing rapidly, thanks in part to the appealing mix of shopping, entertainment and social interaction that it offers. In fact, sales driven by live eCommerce could account for as much as 10% to 20% of all eCommerce by 2026, or roughly $55 billion in sales in the US alone in 2026.

" has embraced live eCommerce to allow our clients engage customers and drive sales. Earlier this year, the company held a live shopping event on Instagram. During the 20-minute livestream marketplace, products were presented for auction sale. This was a big success for our participating clients, resulting in as much as 85% sales increase."

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Cryptocurrency payment processing systems

Global Social eCommerce Sales Reached $1.297 trillion in 2023

Global social commerce sales was only $492 billion in 2021, a number expected to to grow to $2.6 trillion by 2025. In our survey, more than half of businesses indicated they will introduce social eCommerce as a new sales channel in 2024-2030.

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Technology Innovations of Artificial Intelligence

AI is rapidly changing marketing performance systems by finding the most effective methodology for highest returns in the Metaverse

Live eCommerce, AI and Metaverse unite

Digital economy, Metaverse social & business interactions and new technologies are working together to bring incredible new opportunities

The emergence of national digital currencies

Almost 800 million people send money (for food, utilities, education etc.) working in developed economies to family and friends in the developing nations.

Cryptocurrency in digital wallets take lead

At the moment, 93.5% of businesses report that customers prefer to pay for goods or services using well-established digital wallets or crypto-specific digital wallets.

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