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Businesses and companies can avoid all the silly unnecessary expenses associated to credit card processing, both the percentage fees as well as the per transaction fees and other initial costs setup fees) and ongoing maintenance fees that some merchant services companies charge.

Payment Online is one of the leading and most respected credit card processing companies with the most popular services (and known for exceptional customer service) and yet without any silly fees that most other credit card processing companies charge.

Credit card processing without the silly fees: Take credit card payments online.

One of the most robust credit card processing solutions and yet one of the most affordable is : Payment Online credit card processing.

The feature that made these services ever so popular was the fact the there is a seamless ability to integrate with your Website, in a very quick time and without hassle.

Once integrated with your Website, Payment Online's Transaction Processing and Payment Gateway Servers that makes this solution so popular with most companies, is at your command. Now you have a service that allows you to take payments online and provide your products and services to Internet shoppers and accept credit cards payments.

The quick and easy integration uses an API Direct Connect Interface that allows you to keep the look and feel of the site AND have ample scalability for the future without having to use external links.

The API online payment processing is ideal for integrating an existing back-end database for your order processing and customer management with your secure Internet server (or hosting), then all you need is to directly connect to the Payment Online processing servers through https POST method (or server-script).

You directly connect through your own order pages or scripts. The API offers direct connection methods that can be used for connecting via simple html order pages, or for integrating into software or more complicated back end systems.

The process is straightforward. On your Internet servers (where your web site and order page is hosted), orders are placed by your customers. The customer order information is stored by your back-end database solutions that you have implemented. The transaction information (credit card type, name, number, date of expiry, total amount, etc.) is POSTed (or server-script submitted) securely to Payment Online processing servers. Our servers will then process the transaction through the banking networks and proceeds from sales are deposited to your business bank account within a couple of days.

At the most basic level, API is used by constructing an HTML form, which does a POST to a secure link (Please only use the secure URL provided for to you at the time of setup of your account - and not the one shown above). In the HTML form, there will be a number of fields that give the Transaction Server the information needed to process the transaction through the banking networks. Some fields are required, and some will be optional depending on what options you wish to implement.

Depending on what result is expected from the transaction, the payment gateway will send back a response, which indicates whether the transaction was approved or declined. The API ecommerce solution provides a number of options for formatting the response, depending on what your exact needs are.

In contrast to most other transaction servers and payment gateways, the Payment Online system tracks the individual items in the order. When you look up a transaction in the Online Order Management tool that you receive with your ecommerce service, you will see all the items that were ordered and the cost for each item.

There are many reason why a company that already has the back-end servers and the technical staffing would use Payment Online transaction processing servers. Firstly, there is no need for you to store and retain credit card numbers of your customers and add fiduciary responsibility to your operation. There is also the fact that developing an application software platform is no easy task and requires experience and know-how. Even with experience and knowledgeable technical staff, it takes years to develop a comprehensive, reliable, secure, fully functional feature-set, tested, and proven platform with integrated payment gateway and protocol exchange servers.

Of course, the main reason for using Payment Online API connection to the Payment Online processing servers is the unmatched functionality and feature-set for a platform of its type. Which receives constant addition of features and functionality to remain years ahead of competition.

There are many flexible implementations that our customers have adopted to cater for their business model or marketing strategy. For instance, let's say that you want to charge for your software on a recurring-fee basis, which is fast becoming the most popular way of selling software on the Internet, you can easily integrate this with a single click and it is so added to the shopping cart system.

For any recurring transaction, there are always 3 fields that are required. They are recur_billing, bill_cycle, and num_cycles. These are the minimum needed to process a recurring transaction. There are many other optional fields, the use of which depends on what type of recurring billing implementation you desire.


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We can talk about our company and our products, the scalable and feature-rich solutions, or our dedication to our customers success but what our clients most often compliment us on, are as follows:


  • utility and rent payment options online Exceptional customer support with responsive staff

    integration payment gateway credit cards Easy to start, to integrate, with little reading or complexity

    customer billing credit card system Once all is integrated and working, then it is easy to add features, modify, and scale

    payment processing for ecommerce All security is provided, monitoring is 24/7, incredible layers of security adherence and breach avoidance

    payment online A dedicated support person on the telephone who can actually answer questions about product, upgrade, features, or modifications